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<p>This form must be used only by a commissioner of a VYI sport, or their designated financial representative,&nbsp;who&nbsp;request a refund for a player in their program. The refund request must be made within the time frames specified on the VYI Home Page.</p>

<p>This form is to be used only by members of the VYI Scholarship Committee to vote on procedures to be used to select a Hall of Fame Candidate.</p>

<p>This is a form to be used by any member of the VYI Hall of Fame, a member of the VYI Board of Directors, or a member at large of VYI, to recommend a long serving member of our club who has excelled in coaching or administration, or both.</p>

<p>This information is REQUIRED to be submitted by each MVP recipient prior to&nbsp;June 5&nbsp;of the award year.</p>