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VYI Player Code of Conduct

Vienna Youth Incorporated (VYI) is one of the best youth sports programs in the country.  Everyone involved in VYI; parents, players, coaches, and other volunteers, contributes to its success.  By following this code of conduct, I will make my contribution to keeping VYI a winning organization for youth athletes now and in the future. 

As a player I will respect the R.O.O.T.S. of the game. 

I will:

  • Respect the Rules of the game.  I will play by the rules of the game.  I will not cheat.
  • Respect my Opponents.  I will play the game with sportsmanship and good character.  I will treat my opponents respectfully on and off the field.  I will treat my opponent’s parents and coaches with respect.  I will treat my opponents’ facilities with respect.
  • Respect the Officials.  The officials make sure both teams play by the rules.  I may not like the decision an official makes, but the official’s decisions are final.  I will not speak disrespectfully to an official; I will listen to the official’s instructions.  I will never behave aggressively towards an official or touch an official unless it’s to shake hands and say “thank you”.
  • Respect my Team, (Teammates, Coaches, and other Parents).  I cannot win without the support of those around me who make youth sports possible.  I will treat all of my teammates with respect.  I will not be a bully.  I will not say rude things about people’s race, religion, gender, culture, or country.  I will give full effort in every game and practice.  I will not be disruptive.  I will listen to my coaches.  I will be on time to practices and games. I will take care of my equipment and I will not litter or damage the facilities where I practice and play.  I will speak respectfully to my parents, other parents, and coaches. 
  • Respect my Self. As a youth athlete I will take care of myself.  I will not expect to be part of a winning team or to become a good athlete unless I am willing to put in the hard work it takes to get better at my game.  I am a STUDENT first and I will pay attention in school; do my homework and study.  I will eat healthy and get plenty of sleep.  I will not do anything to hurt myself or do things that are bad for me such as drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.  I will not play with an injury; if I am injured or think I have an injury, I will tell my coach or parents. 

This Code of Conduct is meant as a guide for youth athletes participating in VYI.  VYI wants every participant to succeed.  VYI wants to promote a healthy, pleasant and safe environment where young people can develop athletic skills, learn good sportsmanship, the value of teamwork, and build good character. 

There may be penalties for breaking the rules in this Code of Conduct.  Penalties can be given by coaches, parents or other VYI officials.  Penalties can range from a talk with the coach for something small to being kicked off the team or out of VYI for something big. 

I have read this Code of Conduct and have talked about it with my parents.  I understand my obligations as a player.