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Volunteers Are the Key to Success

Vienna Rugby is looking for new coaches.  Previous rugby experience or coaching experience is good, but not required.  There is extensive training material available online that a new coach can use to learn the game.  Vienna Rugby also has a standardized, documented methodology of how we teach the game.  One club, one philosophy, one methodology.... the 'Vienna way'.  Our program borrows elements of the Brigham Young University's rugby program.  BYU is one of the top rugby programs in the U.S.  New coaches just need to be able to work well with children and support the learning objectives of our program.  We are looking to increase the player to coach ratio in order to give our players, the best experience possible.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact  or complete a coaching application online in the "registration" section.  



Referees are in short supply for youth rugby.  Adults, including college students, interested in giving back to the game are welcome to volunteer with VYI as referees.  The time commitment is less than coaching.  


Registration Process For Coaches and Referees


1.       Register with USA Rugby as a coach or referee, depending on your role.  Please review the step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on how to register at the USAR Rugby new membership website.

2.       Register with VYI as a coach

3.       Complete USA Rugby required training & certification

3.a.       On-line training course about concussions

3.b.       On-line training course about safe/respectful coaching

3.c.       On-line Level 100 certification course on the Laws of rugby  

This link will take you to the USA Rugby Coaching overview site.  The website needs some improvement, the only links that work are those in the upper left.  I have hopefully, simplified things, by breaking out the separate links in this email. 

Once you complete steps 1 and 2, please notify the commissioner by email  .  If you are a parent of a registered player, please introduce yourself to your son's/daughter's coach at practice.

In order to couch tackle without supervision, you need to complete a level 200 tackle certification.  When a course is held in the Northern VA area VYI will pay for you to attend.

Save your USA Rugby Registration confirmation email.  At the end of season send the receipt to   and you will be reimbursed.  Be sure to include your current mailing address and name as it should appear on your reimbursement check. 

Managers are a vital component to the success of the Vienna Rugby program.  If you've got a talent for management and organization, considering volunteering as a manager.  The program is always looking for help in a variety of areas

  • Document Manager:  The document manager helps collect and organize paperwork needed to participate in the end of season tournament.
  • Equipment Manager:  There is not much equipment in rugby and the coaches usually take care of the balls and cones.  However, we do need someone to organize t-shirt distribution.  On game day, the equipment manager hands-out and then collects all the jerseys. It's best to have one equipment manager per team, because the equipment will wash the jerseys and bring them back for next week's game.
  • Field Manager:  The field manager helps the coaches prepare the field for a game.  Sometimes we play on unmarked fields, so we need to measure the field and use cones to line the field.  We also examine the field for dangerous debris.
  • Outreach Manager: The outreach manager is our Viva Vienna and promotional coordinator.  This person organizes printing of signs, reserving the Viva Vienna table, booth design and media coverage.
  • Photographer: Who doesn't love pictures of their kids.  Many parents take pictures of their kids, but we need a volunteer to collect, organize, edit and share/post photos.
  • Social Planner: The post-game social is a rugby tradition.  The social planner, will organize parent volunteers to bring food and drinks and all the other things that make a tailgate a success.  You will also coordinate with the outreach manager to provide post-game social details to the visiting team.
  • Videographer: Who doesn't love video of their kids.  Many parents video their kids, but we need a volunteer to collect, organize, edit and share/post videos.


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