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Matt Cooper (January 11, 1995-November 25, 2011) was known for his unbridled enthusiasm. He had a heart of gold, an unforgettable smile, and an uncanny ability to make friends with a wide range of people. He was a great listener and really enjoyed learning about people and new things. He loved sports, including VYI basketball and football. Matt was a talented musician, who sang and played multiple instruments including the guitar, piano, ukelele, and kazoo, and used those gifts to make others smile.

The Matthew Cooper Scholarship is set up by friends to honor Matt's memory by awarding a college scholarship through VYI to a qualified high school senior who embodies some of Matt's most memorable qualities; his enthusiasm, his well-roundedness, and his love for people and sports.

Applicants for the Matthew Cooper Scholarship should use the current VYI Scholarship Application on the WEB site and submit all required materials by the application deadline for the VYI Scholarship. The same prerequisites set forth on the VYI WEB site for the standard VYI scholarships will be used with particular emphasis given to activities, hobbies, letters of recommendation, and other information that reflects that the applicant embodies some of Matt's most memorable traits.


Donations to the Matthew Cooper Scholarship can be made using the link on the WEB site.



2013 - Kyle Latter, James Madison High School

2014 - Tyler Chaput, James Madison High School

2015 - Nathaniel Brusch, James Madison High School

2016 - Daniel Ungerleider, James Madison High School

2017 - Isabella Herzberg, George C. Marshall High School

2018 - Ryan Corry, James Madison High School

2019 - Mallory Brodnik, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

2020 - N/A

2021 - Leslie Kim, George C. Marshall High School

2022 - Anika Gupta, James Madison High School

2023 - Neel Mehra, James Madison High School