To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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County coaches are selected based upon a submitted application and an interview with league officials. Once the application is submitted and certified complete, the applicant will be contacted by email or phone to schedule an interview, or to be told that all positions are full at that time. Applications will not be retained and applicants are expected to respond each time a vacancy is advertised.

If time permits, prior to a scheduled event where coaches are necessary, such as summer league play or the start of tryouts, VYI will advertise the coaching vacancy on our Basketball home page as well as using other means available at the time. If time does not permit, VYI, for expediency, may not advertise the position and will select a coach based on the existing rules of keeping Division I County coaches at one age level whenever possible, while trying not to use a parent for Division I. The selection will account for seniority and experience, primarily within VYI Basketball and secondarily within other area basketball entities. As stated elsewhere, satisfying these criteria may not always be possible, but VYI will do so on a best efforts basis, with our priority being having a qualified coach in place on a timely basis.






DIVISION           EMAIL ____                                                NAME          _______________

GIRLS 5TH-1                           NED KORMAN              

GIRLS 5TH-2                         PERRY KONSTAS             

GIRLS 6TH-1                                  GREG PARRIS                

GIRLS 6TH-2            KELLY COLYAR              

GIRLS 7TH-1                               JOE YODER                   

GIRLS 7TH-2                            NICK KOURTESIS             

GIRLS 8TH-1              THOMAS JOOST             

GIRLS 8TH-2     PDTROTTER@GMAIL.COM                    PAUL TROTTER             

BOYS 5TH-1      PSTOLBURG@GMAIL.COM                    PAUL STOLBURG             

BOYS 5TH-2                           JUN CHOI                                     

BOYS 6TH-1      JDEPPS@GMAIL.COM                           JASON EPPS                   

BOYS 6TH-2                          DAVE BURGER                            

BOYS 7TH-1      BLOCEY@HOTMAIL.COM                     BERNARD LOCEY             

BOYS 7TH-2                               CHRIS DESENTI             

BOYS 8TH-1                       DEAN MARSDEN             

BOYS 8TH-2                             BILL SULLIVAN