To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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At times parents may differ with the management of VYI Basketball and each parent is entitled to register their complaint to the volunteers who run the program. This is accomplished by a very specific process and all contact information is included on this WEB site under "Management".

This policy relates only to complaints of how children are treated and does not relate to the selection of coaches at any level within our program. The selection or retention of coaches from year to year is totally within the purview of the league commissioner.

Parents first must contact their league commissioner, responsible for the gender and grade level of their child, or the County Commissioner in the event their child is playing County basketball for VYI, and detail the complaint regarding their child and the remedy they desire. The appropriate commissioner will then respond to the complaint within two business days and provide, their best resolution to the issue at hand, preferably in writing. If a response is not received within two business days the parent may proceed to the next step by detailing what has transpired and indicating to the next level that no response was received. 

Please see the VYI home page under "parents" for the subsequent steps.