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Lance Crystal channeled his passion for rugby into coaching middle and high school players in Northern Virginia, ultimately serving as the head coach for VYI Rugby’s high school boys’ and girls’ teams for several years.  Coach Lance was exceedingly proud of his various teams’ accomplishments, both with VYI and FPYC, who won numerous Virginia State Championships and regional tournaments.  Using a coaching style of respect and trust, reflecting his true love of the game, Coach Lance motivated and helped the young men and young women to be their very best. Born and raised in South Africa, with experience in various countries around the world, he brought inspiration from across the spectrum of the rugby world into the 15s and 7s teams he coached.  As coach, mentor, and colleague, Coach Lance encouraged players to “honor their commitments,” and to be proud members of the universal rugby family.  Although cancer took him much too soon, his legacy lives on through those players he coached, leaving them with a love of the sport of rugby and a true understanding of the values of dedication, teamwork and determination.    

VYI is pleased make this award annually to a graduating senior who best exemplifies Coach Lance Crystal’s commitment to the values of dedication, teamwork, and determination. 

Applicants for the Lance Crystal Scholarship should use the current VYI Scholarship Application on the WEB site and submit all required materials by the VYI Scholarship application deadline. The same prerequisites set forth on the VYI WEB site for the standard VYI scholarships will be used with particular emphasis given to information that reflects that the applicant embodies some of Coach Lance’s most memorable traits.

Donations to the Lance Crystayl Scholarship can be made using the "Donate" link on the website.



2020:  Brigham Garfield - Centreville High School

2021:  Devon Casey - Robinson High School

2022:  Hannah Garfield - Centreville High School

2023:  David Kendig - James Madison High School