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- Is rugby a primary spring sport?

Spring rugby is intended as a primary spring sport.  Practices will be held 2 or 3 times per week, including Saturdays until regular season games begin.  During the regular season, games are usually scheduled for Saturday's, but Friday night or Sunday games are possible.  

- What if spring rugby overlaps with my child's winter sport?

No problem, sport seasons overlap.  Try to come to the week day or weekend activities if feasible.

- Can my player play another sport while playing spring rugby?

The decision to play multiple spring sports is up to the player and family.  Coaches will expect players to be fully committed to rugby.  Any other spring sports should be recreational and should not cause the player to miss any rugby games or practices.  Keep in mind that tackle rugby is a physically demanding sport.  Adequate recovery time between physical activity is important for the health of an athlete.  Don't over commit your student athlete. 


The following questions all have the same answer: 

- What if my player has a spring sport which overlaps with the start of summer rugby?

- What if my player has a fall sport that starts before rugby ends?

- What if my player's family has a summer vacation planned sometime during the rugby season, especially once games start?

- What if my player wants to attend a sports camp for another sport in the middle of the rugby season?

No problem.  We fully understand that the beginning of the rugby season overlaps with the end of the spring season, and that the end of the rugby season may overlap (slightly) with the start of the fall season. Summer Rugby players should finish their spring season.  If your player has a vacation and/or away camp over summer, that's fine.  If your player must begin fall sport practice before the rugby season is over, the rugby commitment should take priority.

Summer rugby is flexible.  It is designed with vacation and sleep away camp in mind.  If a player misses a week or two over the season. don't worry about it.  Players and positions are more interchangeable than in some other sports, so adjustments are easy to make.  Any player who will be missing more than 3 weeks between mid-June and the end of July should only register if they are an experienced player and know what they will be missing.  

Players won't be penalized in any way for missing practice or games.  However, Virginia Rugby mandates that tackle players MUST attend at least 2 practices of tackling training and be approved to play by the head coach before being allowed to play in a tackle match.