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What is youth rugby?......A GREAT SPORT FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES!!!

Youth Rugby is a fast, exciting, high scoring game for kids of all ages, that is played worldwide.  Youth Rugby emphasizes FUN - running with the ball,  passing, kicking, scoring and tackling (for certain age groups).  No matter what position you play, you can score points.

Everyone plays there are no cuts, all are welcome, not matter your skill level.  There's a place for everybody on a rugby team.

Youth rugby is a co-ed sport at the touch level.  At the tackle level girls and boys are on two seperate teams.  Vienna Rugby, just like a college or adult rugby club, considers every participant, boys, girls, touch, tackle, coach to be a member of the club.  Once you are a member of a rugby club, that membership stays with you for life, even as you move on to join college or adult clubs and as you grow up and move around. 

Vienna youth rugby focuses on teaching the "laws" of the game, game play, fitness, team work and having fun in a competitive environment. Respect for self, teamates and all participants, coaches and referees etc is fundamental to our sport.

You will have FUN! You will make tags or tackles and learn  to think quickly about what to do next. Team skills, offense, defense, scrums, lineouts, rucks, mauls - Rugby is all about FUN! and scoring points? 

Players under age 11 will play the touch version of the game. Players 11 and older, play tackle.   All rules of rugby apply with rule modifications in the interest of safety and considering the player's age, size, strength, and skill level.

VYI Rugby has a dedicated coaching staff of experienced adult players and USA Rugby certified coaches.  Many of the VYI coaches also coach other sports, such as Soccer, Lacrosse, and Football.

VYI Rugby is a great way to stay active, stay fit fit, make new friends, learn a new sport and be part of an club.  

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