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You have registered your player for the 2015 season and now, it's time to show your stuff at assessments.  The purpose of assessments is to give coaches the chance to observe and evaluate. Players are encouraged to attend as many of the sessions that are appropriate for their skill and age group. 





Bring equipment & water, dress for the weather and have fun!!


For our newer families, a few words about our player assessment sessions, which start with our “A” team tryouts.  Our player assessment sessions are designed to allow our coaches to gather information on players to facilitate the team formation process.  The players will participate in skills stations, drills, mini-scrimmages – all with the goal (pardon the pun!) of helping the coaches determine the best team for each player.  Our “A” level teams are for our most advanced players, the “Upper B (UB)” teams are for intermediate players, and the “Lower B (LB)” teams for novice or less experienced players.

Those players who either do not try out for the "A" team or try out for the "A" team but are not selected should plan to attend the UB/LB assessments.